Plumbed In or Bottled Water Cooler?

The choice is yours, take a look at the difference between the two and then you can decide which one you would prefer.

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Plumbed In



As the name suggests the coolers are plumbed directly into the mains water pipe without any need to turn off your water supply or to cut your existing pipes. The water is drawn into the water cooler from your mains supply where it is then chilled and filtered before dispensing to your glass.

Giving you a constant supply of great tasting water.


If you have some restrictions as to where your water coolers can be located or you don't have easy access to your mains supply in your home or office you may prefer the taste of our bottled, chilled, natural clean spring mineral water.

We supply you with a regular supply of bottled mineral water, delivered right to your doorstep and we can take care of your ongoing requirements so that your water is delivered to suit your needs.

Simply choose the cooler that you want for the location that you want it and leave the rest to us.

Aquacool - Natural, Cool Drinking Water

Here at Aquacool we offer a wide range of Bottled Water Coolers determined by what style and what type you desire. Aquacool's plumbed in water coolers give you a continuous supply of fresh, clear, chilled drinking water. We only provide pure, fresh and clear water which is sourced from our natural spring in the heart of Fillongley.

The Aquacool Cooler models offer you the latest in water cooler design, they provide a new sleek style on a easy-to use basis. The attractive units look good in any environment and you can choose the design that best suits you. Our product range differs from the floor standing or counter-top coolers, depending totally on which one you prefer. All the coolers dispense chilled and ambient water, hot available on request. We provide Cups, which can be put into an optional coordinated cup holder, which comes free of charge with the cooler.

Whichever Cooler you prefer can be installed quickly and prepared to provide you with fresh filtered water straight away.

Here at Aquacool we provide you with a FREE full installation. We provide an efficient and cost effective service. Once the cooler is installed by our team, you do not have to do anything else, we will come and collect empty bottles when they are finished and replace bottles whenever you want, whether it be on a weekly or monthly service, and we can assure you there are no hidden costs.

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